BIZOL Allround Upgrade – Reduced fuel consumption via engine technology and engine oil

In order to keep fuel consumption as low as possible, the automotive industry has developed more fuel-efficient engines in recent years. This lead downsized engines to have a smaller displacement, but comparable performance. However, viscous dissipation in the combustion engine causes energy loss. And this leads to a considerable amount of fuel consumption. Therefore, the trend towards low-viscosity oils has continued. With the latest bizol allround upgrade, bizol is always at the cutting edge of technology. The use of low-viscosity engine oils significantly reduces energy losses in the main bearing and piston/drill systems. The risk of Low Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI) also increases with modern downsized engines. With LSPI, the unplanned premature ignition of the fuel, there is a loss of performance and sometimes serious engine damage.

BIZOL Allround Upgrade – Latest specifications API SP / ILSAC GF6

In order to ensure that engines can be operated for long without damage, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and International Lubricant Specialist Advisory Committee (ILSAC) car manufacturers’ associations have established updated specifications for engine oils. These API the API SP and ILSAC the ILSAC GF 6 specifications for modern engine oils demand:


  • lower fuel consumption
  • less oil sludge formation
  • reduced camshaft wear
  • and a reduced risk of LSPI.


The latest BIZOL Allround 5W-20/5W-30 meet these requirements and is allowed to be recommended as engine oil for petrol-driven cars.

Increases fuel economy, reduces deposits, LSPI protection

BIZOL Allround 5W-20/5W-30 is a high quality HC-synthetic base oil combined with additives developed according to the latest scientific findings. This provides a reduced LSPI risk and a gain in fuel savings in gasoline-driven high-compression engines with small displacement. The neutralising agents in the oil reduce deposits on the piston and cylinders and protect against harmful sludge formation. BIZOL thus once again underlines the high standard and quality requirements with the product range offered. Good conditions for a long engine and turbocharger life.

BIZOL – Engine oil made in Germany

We are constantly striving to create effective solutions with German innovation, quality and reliability. BIZOL educates for optimal car maintenance to contribute to a cleaner world. Our mission is to provide products and solutions for workshops to carry out cost effective, easy and fast repairs. Let us create an even stronger collaborative bond in pursuing this goal.

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