Choosing the correct product from a complete portfolio can be a little tricky when it comes to repairs. Of course, there is a product for every problem, but how is the easiest way to explain the choice to a customer? At BIZOL, we think that making it simple is the key. So we prepared 3 Service Packs that can help you offer a complete service with less effort. Take a look and choose what you need!

Clean, refresh and improve cooling performance in one go.

The Coolant Service Pack contains



The manufacturer prescribes defined coolant changing intervals, so what better time to clean the cooling system than when you have to drain the cooling system anyway? It is a great opportunity to remove scale and other deposits that lower the cooling system’s efficiency. Just pour the additive into the cooling system, run the engine for a few minutes and replace the coolant.

But maybe you have to change a cooling system component, such as the thermostat or radiator?

As long as the cooling system is not suffering from a major leak, like a holed radiator core, then you can still use the radiator cleaner included in the service pack.

If nothing else, cleaning the cooling system with Radiator Clean+ r70 is a great way to prevent the radiator from blocking up: it cleans out any corrosion there may be in the system due to a lack of corrosion inhibitor in the coolant i.e., if the coolant has been topped up with just water for a prolonged period of time.


Whichever way you look at it, there’s hardly an easier or cheaper way to restore cooling performance than with the BIZOL Coolant Service Pack, so why delay?

Special care for experienced engines

The High-mileage Service Pack includes


For diesel engines



For petrol engines



The products in this service pack have been selected to combat the effects of wear and the onset of engine running faults.


Normally, it is not necessary to clean the intake system at regular intervals. Prevention is better than cure, which is especially the case where air contamination levels are high. Under such conditions it makes sense to be pro-active before a small problem turns into a big one.


In the same vein, a dose of BIZOL g80 or d60 works wonders for the fuel-injection system. No labour-intensive stripping down and cleaning to be done, just pour the contents of the tin into the fuel tank and that’s it. The additives get to work, cleaning the injection system and even helping to loosen stubborn carbon deposits.

A new BIZOL product for better results


The third product in this service pack is BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92, which can eradicate the pronounced ingress of engine oil into the intake system. Excessive crankcase pressure causes oil to be forced out of the crankcase under pressure and into the intake system, which is symptomatic in high-mileage vehicles. If these unwanted symptoms persist, the simplest and cheapest remedy is this new BIZOL product. It alleviates the problem by helping the piston rings to seal properly and conditioning rubber seals in the engine, such as valve stem seals.


If the engine is already emitting smoke, BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 can cure smoke emission or help to prevent smoke emission if it has not developed.


All in all, a great service pack for high-mileage vehicles. It will help to keep them on the road without spending vast sums on parts and repairs.

Clean, restore and extend service life all in one.

The Refresh & Protect Service Pack consists of



It is the combination of these products that really make a difference, boosting performance and engine longevity. Remove deposits from the fuel system, inside the engine and protect the engine for the next 50 thousand kilometres.


The fuel system cleaner Diesel System Clean+ d60/Gasoline System Clean+ g80 remove contaminants from the fuel lines and injectors, freeing up lost power. Power gains are proven, not just claimed, see our blog for more.


Oil System Clean+ o90 does the same for the engine, it frees critical components such as the piston rings from carbon and other harmful deposits, washing the contaminants out with the old oil.


Having cleaned harmful deposits out of the engine, what better time could there be to add a friction reducing additive? When you add Friction Modifier+o94 to the engine oil, it forms a thin film on metal surfaces inside the engine. This reduces metal to metal contact and might avoid future clogging and expensive repairs.


The high-strength lubrication film ensures improved lubrication at critical times, such as during the cold-start phase. The tungsten nano additive reduces timing chain elongation and wear under high-stress conditions, such as constant stop/start driving conditions.


All-in-all, a great way to restore and preserve engine performance without doing anything other than routine maintenance.

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