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Do engines really need to be flushed clean?


Yes, even with the best will (and care and oils) in the world, deposits such as carbon and gum build up over time. Despite all of the advances in technology, oil still deteriorates and deposits still accumulate.


Maybe it was a missed oil change or simple wear and tear but a build-up of residues significantly lowers performance and increases fuel consumption.


Noise from the engine


General rattles, chatter and other noises from the engine are often due to oil starvation. Carbon deposits restrict the flow of oil through the supply orifices in the timing chain tensioners, hydraulic tappets or the oilways in the cylinder head or cylinder block. Once drillings are restricted or blocked, components are deprived of the vital supply of oil and the problem only gets worse.


Choked engine components


When carbon, varnish and gum build up on the pistons, valve stems, etc, the components stop working as they should. The result is noise, lower performance and increased emissions. Sticking piston rings caused by coke forming in the ring grooves even affects the compression pressure. The only way to remedy or at least mitigate the problem – without going to the expense and effort of stripping down the entire engine – is to use BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90 before the next oil change. One application already dissolves many of the deposits, so that you can drain them out during the scheduled oil change.

Untreated piston and piston after repeated treatment


If left unchecked a build-up of deposits will initially cause a gradual loss of power, a minor wear or engine noise with many of these telltale signs going unnoticed or are simply ignored. And that is the reason why is why cleaning away the deposits is essential, after all, it is far better to prevent damage, than to deal with the consequences of it.


Problems caused by a build-up of deposits include:

  • loss of compression pressure
  • increased oil consumption
  • increased fuel consumption
  • oil starvation
  • engine noise
  • bearing damage
  • low-speed pre-ignition


BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90 washes deposits off the surfaces inside the engine thereby freeing up the oil channels. And with the deposits and grime gone, the fresh oil can do its job properly, providing the desired lubrication to all parts of the engine, as originally intended.


BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90 is compatible with all proprietary engine oils and provides the following benefits:


  • restores compression pressure
  • frees the engine the from sludge and deposits
  • prepares the engine for the next oil change
  • can reduce abnormal engine noise
  • restores oil flow and extends engine life
  • improves the lubrication supply to critical components, e.g.:

– turbocharger

- camshaft

- oil pump

- timing chain

- hydraulic tappets

Oil System Clean+ o90
Oil System Clean+ o90 250ml
Oil System Clean+ o90 250ml
Oil System Clean+ o90
  • long term cleaning of the oil system from sludge and deposits with special highly effective detergents

  • restores the initial engine compression 

  • strongly recommended always when the previous oil quality or type is not known 

  • silences the work of hydraulic valve lifters 

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