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Is your engine suffering from poor starting, poor idling and low power?


What’s the causes running problems ? Often something as simple as an accumulation of carbon, soot or other deposits in the intake system. Despite all of the advances in vehicle fuelling systems, it is still necessary to clean them from time to time, especially if the quality of the local fuel or engine oil is low.

Understanding the problem

A dirty throttle body and throttle plate can cause poor throttle response or uneven idling. At idle, air can no longer pass the throttle plate cleanly, which affects intake air speed and fuel atomisation. This will cause running problems. Also, dirt around the throttle plate can cause the throttle plate to stick, resulting in poor throttle response and hesitation.

How can I improve airflow and restore performance?

If the throttle body and throttle plate are dirty, just spray the throttle plate and throttle body and wipe clean with absorbent paper towel or cloth. Make sure you clean the whole area around the throttle plate, removing as much dirt as you can.

If the inlet manifold needs a clean too, what should you do next? You have two choices, spend hours removing the inlet manifold, disassembling it, soaking and cleaning the components and finally reassembling it all. The far simpler option is to spray the intake system with BIZOL Gasoline Intake Clean+c36, simply spraying the parts clean.

What about stubborn deposits?

What should I do if the deposits are too stubborn for c36 Gasoline Intake Cleaner, especially around the valve throats?


A simple, non-invasive method for removing stubborn deposits from the inlet valves and valve throats in the cylinder head is to use an additive, such as BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80. The additive can help to break down heavier deposits as it is sprayed constantly into the manifold when the engine is running, dislodging stubborn material from the manifold and valves as you drive.

Do I really need to clean the intake system regularly?

Periodically cleaning the throttle body and throttle plate, say at every air filter change, can help to prevent the build-up of harmful carbon, soot or other deposits that affect vehicle performance.
Normally it is not necessary to clean the intake system at regular intervals. However, if symptoms persist and the cause is pressure in the crankcase, try BIZOL Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 to alleviate this problem first.

A little maintenance can go a long way.

Checking early and periodically, for example, at the scheduled service interval can virtually eliminate running problems caused by deposits in the intake system. Cleaning the intake system before deposits get a chance to build up can prevent the worst. Early intervention can help to maintain fuel economy and expensive repairs at a later date.

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