Better oil and engine protection through oil system cleaning

Many car or truck drivers and fleet operators carry out an annual oil change on their vehicles, or rely on the workshop for this necessary service. Over time, the engine oil loses its protective properties and must be changed. But the choice of the right engine oil is not the only aspect to consider: the thorough cleaning of the oil system before the oil change is an important criteria for a long-lasting protection of the oil and the engine. Preparing your oil service with p91 for the new engine oil is just as important as choosing the right oil: it ensures longest engine life!

Oil system cleaners loosen deposits and oil sludge

Old residues and deposits are often not completely washed out by an oil change. They contaminate the fresh oil and thus considerably reduce the service life of the replacement oil. Oil system cleaners loosen deposits so that they can be rinsed out with the used oil. But how do oil sludge and other deposits form in the oil system?

Oxidation, blow-by gases and short-distance driving

Oxidation is a significant cause for oil sludge. During this chemical reaction, heat and oxygen form oil-insoluble and muddy deposits which prevent the best possible lubrication.
Another reason is harmful and unwanted combustion gases, so-called “blow-by gases” which enter the crankcase and contaminate the engine oil. But engine oils with insufficient cleaning properties can also promote the premature formation of sludge and deposits, particularly with frequent short trips with many start-stop intervals in city traffic, which can lead to increased condensation and oil thickening.

Wear and loss of compression

In worst cases, the deposits in the oil system hinder and delay the rapid lubrication of moving parts or even clog the oil channels of the engine. This con lead to increased wear or even losses in engine compression. Therefore, the precautionary treatment of the oil system is an important criterion for a long service life of the replacement oil and the engine.

Oil service with p91 – Oil system cleaning with engine flushing

The solution to this problem is the BIZOL additive Pro Oil System Clean+ p91, which has been specially developed for cleaning the entire oil system. BIZOL Pro Oil System Clean+ p91 contains highly effective cleaning additives that dissolve even stubborn deposits so that they can be washed out with the used oil during the oil change. The oil system is thus optimally prepared for the oil change. Compression loss because of contamination can be restored. The clean engine creates the best conditions for fast, protective lubrication of the moving parts and a long service life of the engine oil. This results in less costs for every service, maintenance or the purchase of new replacement parts or vehicles.

Better oxidation protection – BIZOL OxShield Technology

High quality motor oils such as BIZOL Green Oil+ with OxShield technology can compensate ageing processes by oxidation. In comparison with conventional products, BIZOL Green Oil+ scores twice as high on average in the oxidation test and shows excellent performance in other tests common in the industry. BIZOL Green Oil+ guarantees long oil change intervals. 30,000 km under normal use, 15,000 km under extreme driving conditions. They offer improved high temperature protection on pistons, stricter mud control and higher sealing compatibility. Green Oil+ oils are based on high quality base oils and additives with quality detergents and dispersants. The COMB Lubriboost technology also ensures a constant lubricating film during frequent start-stop intervals like in city traffic or when there are frequent changes between drives in hybrid engines.

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