Pro maintenance for the catalytic converter system


The catalytic converter and other system components, such as the oxygen sensor need cleaning periodically. Vehicles that spend most of their time being driven around cities are prime candidates for building up deposits in the catalytic converter. Despite fuels being cleaner than ever, particulates from combustion still build up in the catalytic converter.


Drivers often only notice that the exhaust aftertreatment has actually not been working as it should after long motorway journeys, where high speeds and high temperatures blast the catalytic converter and gasoline particle filter free of blockages.


Catalytic system component maintenance


BIZOL Pro Catalytic System Clean+ p82 is a professional-grade cleaner designed for use with the right tools in the workshop. Its formulation cleans and protects the catalytic converter system and gasoline particulate filter (GPF). It also cleans intake valves and the combustion chamber. A single treatment already dissolves most of the deposits, nevertheless, it is advisable to use the treatment regularly to keep performance at its best.


The need to clean and protect gasoline aftertreatment systems is more pronounced in regions where fuel quality cannot always be guaranteed but certainly not limited to those regions. If left unchecked a build-up of deposits causes a deterioration of performance. Loss of power, engine vibration, etc, often the warning signs are ignored. And that is the reason why cleaning away the deposits is essential. Regular maintenance of the exhaust aftertreatment system is far simpler than dealing with problems or failures due to a lack of care.


Problems caused by a build-up of deposits in the catalytic converter and GPF include:


  • low performance
  • increased fuel consumption
  • increased emissions
  • poor driveability
  • poor starting & idle behaviour
  • emissions test failure
  • check engine (MIL) light illuminates


BIZOL Catalytic System Clean+ p82 frees particulate filters of deposits. And with the deposits gone, the aftertreatment system can do its job efficiently again, removing harmful combustion products from the exhaust gases as originally intended.


BIZOL Catalytic System Clean+ p82 is compatible with all proprietary engine oils and provide the following benefits:


  • restores performance
  • frees the particulate filter from soot and other deposits
  • restores gas flow and prevents premature filter failure
  • improves and restores the function of critical aftertreatment components
  • helps to prevent check engine (MIL) light illuminating due to blocked particulate filter
Pro Catalytic System Clean+ p82
Pro Catalytic System Clean+ p82 1L
Pro Catalytic System Clean+ p82 1L
Pro Catalytic System Clean+ p82
  • reduces deposits and extends catalytic converter life

  • improves fuel consumption and emissions

  • cleans and increases efficiency of catalytic converters and gasoline particulate filters (GPF)

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