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                               Prof. Dr. Boris Zhmud, BIZOL,  Germany

BIZOL insider information on engine oil production

Different applications, different product development

What makes a motor oil be considered premium? Price, universality, availability, fuel economy, compliance with specifications and OEM approvals? The answer is not as simple as it seems. In fact, it depends on your preferences. For instance, a racing driver will look for an synthetic oil that properly protects engine under critical regimes letting him finish the race. Nothing else matters. Car enthusiasts not only look for engine protection, but also tend to keep an eye on the price and compliance with specifications. Depending on the actual requirements, oil formulations can be fine-tuned to max up one or another aspect of performance.

The secret of base oils and oil formulation

Technically speaking, all motor oils consist of a base oil and an additive package. Top-tier crankcase lubricants meeting today’s toughest performance requirements use API Group III, IV and V synthetic base oils. Contrary to a popular belief, “full synthetic” motor oils are never formulated from Group IV alone and always contain solvency and lubricity boosters, such as alkylated naphthalenes, esters, and oil-soluble polyalkylene glycols. Choice of base oil type affects requirements to the additive package, so a great deal of experience is required to develop balanced formulations. What does a balanced formulation mean? As already mentioned, the oil formulation has to meet a large number of requirements indicated in the specifications, which go far beyond the viscometric properties defined by the SAE viscosity grades. Dozens of different laboratory and engine tests are necessary to cover a high compatibility of material and engine designs and to develop an oil that has optimal resistance to oxidation, contamination, fuel dilution and so on.

Mid-tier or top tier? Quality has its price!

Since some properties are mutually excluding, it is generally not possible to improve all of them at the same time.
One can single out two main development philosophies. The first one applies to mainstream products. The majority of mainstream products fall into the so-called mid-tier category providing a sufficient level performance mandated by the specifications and outstanding supply chain resilience at minimum price. These products are usually manufactured locally from locally sourced raw materials. Top-tier products, by contrast, prioritize oil performance over price.

German manufactured – Consistent quality – BIZOL G+

BIZOL G+ is our flagship product featuring exceptional oxidation stability, cleanliness, good lubrication performance both at temperature extremes, low evaporation losses, exceptional lubricant film strength for superior wear protection, fuel efficiency, and long service life. All these things mean that you have a special oil. However it is the additives and the formulator skills that make it an exceptional oil.


Apart from the state-of-the-art technologies implemented in its formulation, we go great lengths to guarantee property consistency – i.e. that the product you buy in Mexico and Germany is exactly the same. BIZOL oil is shipped directly from our manufacturing plant in Germany.

The development of BIZOL G+ product line began in 2015, amid preparations for the ACEA C3-16 and C5-16 specification upgrade and ILSAC GF-6 specification development. However, since the official release date for ILSAC GF-6 was delayed several times, BIZOL G+ was put on the market in 2017, alongside with the API SN Plus specification adoption. BIZOL G+ was one of the first products on the market featuring timing chain wear (TCW) and low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection. Proudly made in Germany.

BIZOL G+ engine oil – Three lines of engine protection

BIZOL G+ engine oil provides three lines of defense against wear.

1. BIZOL W-guard technology

2. BIZOL COMB LubriBoost technology

3. Fully synthetic formula using API Group III – V base oil


Highly effective W-guard technology is essential for protecting against timing chain wear (TCW) and COMB LubriBoost friction modification technology is crucial for lubricant film strength in stop-and-go operation typical of hybrids. Used together, W-guard and COMB LubriBoost increase engine wear protection.

1. BIZOL W-guard technology – Wear protection (TCW)

  • tungsten nano-additive for exceptional wear protection

2. BIZOL COMB LubriBoost technology – film strength during stop-start

  • polymeric friction modifier for superior lubricant film strength during stop-start

3. Advanced full synthetic formula using API Group III – V base oil

  • exceptional oxidation stability and long-life
  • Low Speed Pre Ignition & Time Chain Wear protection


Components possibly affected

BIZOL G+ – Performance advantage and LSPI protection

This gives BIZOL G+ a significant performance margin compared to the underlying ACEA requirements, in particular in terms of wear protection and engine cleanliness. Since the oil price as such is only a fraction of the total service costs, it makes sense to extend the oil change interval: you save money by using an oil with twice the service interval, even if the oil is twice as expensive as usual.

Boost your engine oil! BIZOL Friction Modifier+ o94 Additive


Together with our BIZOL G+ engine oil line, we have also launched an aftermarket oil treatment package with W-guard technology. This can be added directly to the engine and enhances the performance of the oil. The after-treatment of a low-price oil with BIZOL Friction Modifier+ o94 significantly improves the wear properties. Although it does not reach “top tier” status, it still improves substantially.


A powerful oil treatment to reduce friction and wear: BIZOL W-Guard Technology


BIZOL Friction Modifier+ o94 is developed to make any conventional engine oil do a better job by dramatically reducing friction and wear, increasing power output, increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions. A 250 ml can of BIZOL Friction Modifier+ o94 is suitable for 4L to 6L engine oil and effective up to 50.000 km.


Additional further reading on the topic can be found in the article from LUBE magazine “Lube-Tech” in the April 2021 issue.



Friction Modifier+ o94 (discontinued)
Friction Modifier+ o94 (discontinued)
  • extended engine life
  • improved lubricating properties of motor oils
  • reduced frictional forces between metal surfaces
  • more efficient fuel consumption

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