BIZOL Green Oil+ is a premium product that has all of the qualities a modern engine oil requires and more besides. It has outstanding oxidation stability for a long service life, exceptional levels of cleanliness, lubrication performance at temperature extremes, lubricant film strength and a low evaporation loss exemplary wear protection and fuel efficiency. All of these characteristics combined give BIZOL Green Oil+  a significant advantage as compared to the underlying industry requirements, especially in terms of wear protection and engine cleanliness.


The quality of the base oil and additives mean that BIZOL Green Oil+ surpasses not just medium-price oils but premium oils too. This, when you consider the extensive development work and the unique formulation, is hardly surprising!

BIZOL Green Oil+ is cheaper in the long run

The initial cost at the counter is only a fraction of the total service costs. So when deciding what oil to buy, it makes sense to extend the oil change interval if you can. Green Oil+ comes into its own here because, under the right conditions, it can double the oil service interval. This means: over the same service interval, the costs are almost identical. But the engine wear protection is far higher, saving money on repairs in the medium term.

German quality, innovation and consistency

We see quality and the delivery of the same high standards across the globe as an essential part of the work we do and what we strive to achieve 365 days a year. The state-of-the-art technologies used to create the BIZOL Green Oil+ can only be relied upon if the product is manufactured consistently to exacting standards. When you buy a canister of BIZOL Green Oil+, it makes no difference where you buy it, because we make sure that the product supplied is always the same quality, canister for canister, year after year. We can guarantee product quality because we ship all BIZOL Green Oil+ directly from our manufacturing base in Germany. So it’s always the same product made from the same top-quality raw materials, every single time.

BIZOL is a company that is committed to being a pioneer of innovation, BIZOL Green Oil+ being a prime example of this approach. When it was launched, G+ was one of the very first oils on the market to feature timing chain wear (TCW) and low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection.


BIZOL Green Oil+ engine oil has three lines of defence against wear:


  • BIZOL COMB LubriBoost technology
    An polymetric friction modifier for superior lubricant film strength under start-stop driving conditions.
  • BIZOL W-guard technology
    Featuring tungsten additive for exceptional wear protection.
  • Fully synthetic formula using API Group III – V base oil
    Providing exceptional oxidation stability and long life.

BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-20

BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-30

COMB LubriBoost technology

Our BIZOL COMB LubriBoost is a polymetric friction modifier that establishes and maintains superior lubricant film strength, which is crucial for the engine’s lubrication needs under high-stress stop-start conditions.

2D Surface Gel

Our BIZOL R&D team invented this innovative technology. It has exceptional adhesion qualities maintains a consistent thickness of the lubrication film, even under high-load conditions.


Figure 1. 2D Surface Gel

OxShield technology

OxShield technology was also invented by BIZOL. We utilised it in G+ engine oil to provide greater oxidation stability than in conventional engine oils. This helps to reduce oil aging. The technology used results in extended oil change intervals and a long-term protection against corrosion and pitting

Wear protection BIZOL W-guard technology

Highly effective W-guard technology provides vital protection against timing chain wear. Combined, W-guard and COMB LubriBoost provide unrivalled engine wear protection.


BIZOL G+ is nearly fifty percent better at preventing wear than competitor’s oils; as you can see in Figure 2.

Advanced fully synthetic formula using API Group III – V base oil


The combination of top-quality base oils and specific additives provides the following characteristics:


  • Exceptional oxidation stability, ensuring long-life.
  • Low speed pre-ignition and timing chain wear protection.

BIZOL G+ performs several vital lubrication functions simultaneously


The overview in Figure 3 illustrates different forms of friction.

Figure3. Illustration – microscopic view of friction surfaces and overview of friction types


How does BIZOL Green Oil+ satisfy all lubrication demands simultaneously?


  • W-guard – guards against dry-friction, protecting:
    • valve-train components
    • piston rings


  • COMB LubriBoost – improves mixed friction, boosting lubrication of:
    • reciprocating parts, e.g., pistons
    • bearings – during the start-phase


  • Synthetic base oil – for fluid friction, for the lubrication of:
    • bearings – after the start-phase
    • turbocharger


For additional further reading on the topic, we recommend you the article from LUBE magazine “Lube-Tech” in the April 2021 issue.

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