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Additives Pro Line

Additives Pro Line products make everyday work in the workshop easier and enable smooth maintenance and repair. They impress due to their excellent quality, simple application mode and simple use. Saving time and reducing cost is a key element with these products and an economic advantage. Instead of mechanics focusing on time-consuming services, the maintenance products of BIZOL enable fast and cost-effective service.

Pro Diesel System Clean+ p60 1L

  • reduces pollutant emissions

  • suitable for vehicles equipped with DPF

  • сontrols deposit formation

  • ensures lower fuel consumption

  • extends injector life

Pro Gasoline System Clean+ p80 1L

  • cleans the entire fuel system

  • controls deposit formation

  • improves engine combustion and power

  • ensures lower fuel consumption

Pro Oil System Clean+ p91 500ml

  • reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

  • prolonged engine life

  • improved compression

Pro Gear Oil Protect and Leak Stop+ p92 250ml

  • extends oil change intervals

  • improves running smoothness

  • reduces friction and wear

Pro Catalytic System Clean+ p82 1L

  • reduces deposits and extends catalytic converter life

  • improves fuel consumption and emissions

  • cleans and increases efficiency of catalytic converters and gasoline particulate filters (GPF)