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Automatic Transmission Fluids ATF Protect

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF's) are special oils for automatic transmissions that are used to lubricate the gears and to control the hydraulic components when changing gears. The majority of vehicle and gearbox manufacturers prescribe additional tests to prove their suitability and only issue specific approvals once these tests are satisfied. Only these qualified oils are offered by BIZOL. They meet and even exceed the high requirements of the approvals. Optimal properties for safe and wear-free operation of automatic transmissions.


Protect ATF CVT synt 1L

  • engineered for latest CVT technology

  • proper friction characteristics even under extreme operating conditions

  • fuel saving potential

Protect ATF D-VI synt 1L

  • excellent safety against wear, corrosion and foaming

  • provides superior transmission life

  • suitable for DEXRON VI requirements

Protect ATF DCT synt 1L

  • outstanding shear stability over long maintenance intervals

  • engineered for latest DCT technology

  • suitable for VW DSG

Protect ATF DIII 1L

  • very good anti-ageing and chemical stability
  • protects against clutch wear
  • promotes smooth shifting
Protect ATF DIII+ 1L

  • optimum friction characteristics ensure reliable operation
  • outstanding fluidity at low temperatures
  • excellent high temperature protection
Protect ATF LV synt 1L

  • suitable for mechanically and electronically controlled automatic transmissions

  • outstanding performance at both high and low temperature extremes

  • improved power transmission efficiency and smooth transmission operation

Automatic transmission oil

Oil in the automatic transmission differs from engine or transmission oil in viscosity, properties and even color. The differences are due to the peculiarities of the structure of the automatic transmission. ATF, in addition to lubrication, performs the role of hydraulic fluid. The slightest loss of properties: the necessary level of viscosity, foaming, reduced protection against corrosive processes, excessive friction, etc., can cause a malfunction in the functioning of the mechanism.

The structure of the automatic transmission in different manufacturers is different, so you can not pour any oil for the axp into the node. It must have the appropriate specification or tolerance of the manufacturer. Also, a quality liquid can not be cheap, the oil for the axp, the price of which is below average, can cause harm to the mechanism.

Types of BIZOL automatic transmission oils

BIZOL has one line of products for automatic boxes, it has nine types. Each of them has the necessary approvals and certificates. To choose the right one for your car model, read the manufacturer's recommendations. Next, let's consider each type in detail.

Protect ATF CVT synt

ATF oil for CVT automatic transmission. Thanks to its high-quality composition, it retains its properties for a long time and prevents foaming. It also provides anti-corrosion protection of the gearbox, reduces friction of parts between each other, thereby reducing fuel consumption. 

Protect ATF D-VI

Transmission oil acpp is suitable for most transmissions, some models with manual transmission, steering system and clutch, with hydraulics and auxiliary drive, not only cars, but also trucks. The fluid reliably protects parts from wear, prevents oxidation. High-quality composition reduces the risk of foam formation.

Protect ATF D-VI synt

Transmission oil for automatic transmission meets the strict standards DEXRON VI and the conditions of many car manufacturers. Among the companies Mazda, Nissan, Chrysler, Hyundai, Subaru and many others. The latest composition protects against premature erasure of mechanisms, corrosive processes and the appearance of foam. 

Protect ATF DCT

Automatic transmission oil is designed for lubrication of dual clutch gearboxes and DSG. High shear stability, retained for long service-free intervals. The fluid prevents excessive friction between parts, prolonging their operation.

Protect ATF DCT synt

Transmission oil for automatic transmission is compatible with DSG and dual clutch gearboxes. For example, it is compatible with BMW, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Volvo and others. It maintains a constant viscosity value during operation in almost all conditions.

Protect ATF DIII

Atf oil for automatic transmission and car hydraulics. The fluid retains its qualities for a long time, prevents wear and tear of parts of the unit and creates a dense lubricating layer for smooth gear shifting.

Protect ATF DIII+

ATF oil is used in passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles (buses, special equipment). It is also suitable for hydraulic mechanisms of cars. It is excellent in harsh conditions: it maintains the optimal viscosity level, protects the node from overheating.

Protect ATF LV

Transmission atf oil is designed for the latest models of automatic transmissions, which need a product with low viscosity. The fluid retains its qualities for a long time, prevents corrosion processes in the parts of nodes, and protects them from wear. It retains its qualities at extreme low and high temperatures, while ensuring smooth gear shifting.

Protect ATF LV synt

ATF oil for modern automatic transmission models. It retains its properties for a long time, protects the node from oxidation and wear. The fluid maintains the transmission in excellent working condition, including at low temperatures.

Features and advantages of oils for automatic transmissions BIZOL

In the production of atf oils BIZOL adheres to strict standards and uses German engineering experience. All fluids have undergone additional tests by automobile companies and received the necessary authorizations.
The products retain their quality even under heavy loads. The latest additives and quality base prevent its foaming, make it resistant to aging, thus increasing the service interval. BIZOL is an oil for axp, the price of which corresponds to the quality.

What type of BIZOL atf I need

To choose the right transmission oils for the acpp from BIZOL familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's recommendations. They should have the necessary clearance from the companies or Dexron, MB or other certifications so that they don't compromise the performance of your car's transmission. Each manufacturer has different requirements for fluid properties that will keep their mechanisms running smoothly. 
BIZOL products have tolerances of Dexron and MB types. In addition to them, the oils for the axle meet the specifications of individual manufacturers: Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai and others. 

All tolerances and specifications that will help you to choose the right fluid are specified in its description. For example, if your car is sold in Europe and is equipped with ZF gearbox, then Protect ATF D-VI, ATF D-VI synt, ATF DIII, ATF LV, ATF LV synt. For Mercedes A and B classes with Autotronic and Audi Multitronic gearboxes Protect ATF CVT synt is suitable. 

Automatic transmission fluid evolves annually to meet the changing requirements of car manufacturers. In addition, it works in aggressive conditions, and to cope with them, the composition includes components that make it resistant to borderline low and high temperatures, maintain a constant viscosity value.

BIZOL is a premium class product. It has passed a strict selection of many manufacturers and received certificates and approvals for use. The unique formulation prevents foaming of the liquid, protects the node from wear and corrosive processes.