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Do you and your customers have a high demand for quality? So do we at BIZOL! Therefore we offer our Automatic Transmission Cleaner+ a50, a high-quality additive for effective cleaning during gear flushing.

A transmission oil for a lifetime?

Almost no other component in a car needs such a reliable lubrication protection as the gearbox. High-quality and high-performance transmission oils fulfil this function and ensure a long service life of the transmission. With transmission oil filling “at factory”, many manufacturers promise lifelong lubrication protection. However, the lifetime warranty only takes into account the limited operating time of the vehicle (of approx. eight to twelve years) and not the mileage of the gearbox. This optimistic projection of the lubricant protection usually leads to problems in reality. Jerky gear changes at cold temperatures, limited power transmission and increased fuel consumption usually indicate the need of an earlier gearbox oil change.

What effects does used transmission oil have?

Causes and decisive influencing factors leading to premature aging are, on the one hand, high mechanical abrasion of gears and clutch plates and, on the other hand, thermal loads. Unfavourable driving habits also reduce positive lubrication properties and viscosity in the long term and accelerate the ageing process of the gear oil and the transmission. If the oil change is then missed, the risk of gearbox damage is high and expensive repair costs can be incurred. For these reasons, the transmission oil should be changed at the latest every 150,000 to 180,000 kilometers or, according to the expert opinion of many mechanics, even every 50,000 to 100,000 kilometers.

Workshops and mechanics use cleaning additives

However, a simple gearbox oil change involves the risk that old deposits will not be dissolved and contaminate the change oil. The contamination then causes undesirable effects such as premature foam and oil sludge formation after the oil change. This is why many workshops and mechanics use high-quality cleaning additives when changing the oil of automatic transmissions.

Extended service life – Reduced fuel consumption

ATF cleaners like the high-quality BIZOL ATF Cleaner+ a50 fulfil this task with flying colours. It dissolves old deposits and cleans the gearbox reliably so that old residues are flushed out during oil changes. This extends the service life of the transmission oil and the gearbox, improves shifting behaviour and reduces fuel consumption.

Which automatic transmission oil is the right one?

Important information on the properties of the right transmission oil, such as viscosity, filling quantity, etc., can be found in the vehicle’s operating manual or via our oil guide on the website: https://oilguide.bizol.com/.

Stable customer base thanks to excellent reputation

With the BIZOL ATF Cleaner+ a50 you offer a first-class service which will be known quickly, widely, generate many likes and expand or consolidate your customer base. Trust in the quality Made in Germany. Also use the right gear oil from BIZOL and score points with long service intervals and a high smooth-running ability.

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