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Technical Sprays

Technical sprays are must-have tools for maintaining and fixing your car. They have been comprehensively tested in most territories around the world. They are important aids for everyday work in the workshop and in the professional automotive environment. BIZOL’s technical sprays enable simple maintenance and repair due to their easy and effective mode of application. They are divided into the following areas: cleaning, lubrication, and loosening stuck parts.

AC Clean+ c30 400ml

  • Cleans the air conditioning system

  • Improves travelling comfort by providing a fresh fragrance inside the vehicle 

  • Provides a long-lasting fresh effect 

  • Once sprayed, maintains the consistency of active foam for a long time 

Brake Clean+ c31 500ml

  • excellent dissolving properties 

  • fast drying 

  • non-corrosive 

  • non-aggressive to plastics and rubber 

Contact Clean+ c32 400ml

  • efficient and fast dissolving of contaminations on electrical contacts 

  • non-conductive

  • residue-free

  • comes with an extra spray nozzle and extension tube

Diesel Intake Clean+ c35 400ml

  • quick and effective cleaning of EGR valve and turbocharger without dismantling

  • restores the original performance of the engine 

  • reduces fuel consumption

  • lowers emissions

Gasoline Intake Clean+ c36 500ml

  • quick and effective cleaning of the throttle without dismantling

  • significantly smoother engine operation after cleaning

  • improves engine performance, reduces fuel consumption and emissions

Gasket Remover+ c37 400ml

  • removes hardened gaskets and persistant deposits

  • high dissolving properties

  • good adhesion to vertical surfaces

Mass Air Flow Sensor Clean+ c38 300ml

  • contact-free efficient cleaning

  • quick evaporation without residues for time saving service

  • non-aggressive to plastics and sensitive sensor materials

Unblock+ f21 400ml

  • effective to unscrew rusty parts

  • moisture repellent

  • rust preventive

Rust Shock+ f22 400ml

  • displaces water and protects against corrosion

  • „cold shock“ effect for fast and effective loosening of injectors, glow and spark plugs

  • contains PTFE particles for good sliding properties