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Technical Sprays Lubricate

Technical sprays are must-have tools for maintaining and fixing your car. They have been comprehensively tested in most territories around the world. They are important aids for everyday work in the workshop and in the professional automotive environment. BIZOL’s technical sprays enable simple maintenance and repair due to their easy and effective mode of application. They are divided into the following areas: cleaning, lubrication, and loosening stuck parts.

Silicone+ L51 400ml

  • effective care for plastic and rubber parts 

  • excellent corrosion protection

  • excellent mechanical and thermal stability

Grease+ L52 400ml

  • effective multi-purpose lubrication

  • weather resistant

  • excellent adhesion

Copper+ L54 400ml

  • prevents wear and sticking of screwed connections

  • high thermal resistance

  • prevents corrosion