Searching the internet for pros and cons on the use of oil systems cleaners may lead you to the state of even greater confusion. But what we CAN do is giving guidance and explaining a priori why using an oil system cleaner is advisable. Let us first come down to the essence:

What is an oil system cleaner and what does it do?

We are talking here about an additive that contains the right mix of detergents which are destined to free determined engine components and the entire oil channels from deposits and sludge. Over time these harmful deposits and sludge accumulate, causing power and performance loss of the engine and also increased emissions. The oil system cleaner does not only ensure cleanliness, as the name suggests, but also a better and faster oil supply to all individual components to be lubricated. By improving the compression in the engine, the engine gets back its power and is restored close to its original state.

How do we use the oil system cleaner?

You will definitely get the most out of the oil system cleaner if you apply it BEFORE an oil change. Why? Because that way all the deposits and sludge will be washed out together with the old engine oil preparing the engine for new oil.  A 250 ml can be used for 4 to 6 liters of eninge oil. Just pour it in the engine oil when the engine has reached its normal running temperature. Then allow the engine to idle for 15 minutes before changing the engine oil and the filter. It simply doesn´t get any more convenient!

Is there a way to test that the additive actually works?

What would you say, if your were given some facts in your hands that prove the oil system cleaner to be effective? Would that encourage you to to test them?

There are actually ways to measure engine performance and emission levels before and after using the additive. For example, here at BIZOL we work with trusted partners who carry out tests to analyse engine compression and emission levels  and compare the numbers before and after using an oil system cleaner.  The results are so strikinlgy clear that any sceptic will be left without a doubt .  

The bottom line

Our conclusion and recommendation is to incorporate a regular use of an oil system cleaner in your car maintenance routine. Here are the advantages you´ll get at one glance:

– it removes harmful deposits preparing the engine for new oil

– improves compression level of the engine restoring it almost to its original power

– contributes to fuel efficiency

– helps to reduce emissions

– it is convenient and easy to use

In the end it is always a matter of testing  and finding out yourself what works best for you and your car. But we are absolutely confident that with the proven test record of BIZOL System Clean+ o90 chances are that you will stick with it!

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