Synthetic oil BIZOL® Green Oil+

Advantages of the Start-Stop systems

The majority of modern engines in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are nowadays equipped with a start-stop system. An automatic start-stop system automatically switches off the engine when the traffic lights turn red, for example, and starts it as soon as the accelerator pedal is pressed. This process reduces the time the engine spends idling. The advantages of this development are reduced CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption. In stop-and-go traffic, this technology can help you save a 3 % to 10 % fuel!

Disadvantages of the Start-Stop systems

However, some engine components suffer a critical increase of tribological stress because of frequent start-stop. Up to 75% of engine wear and wear-related failures happen during the engine starting process. If compared to equivalent engine configurations without this system, frequent start-stop intervals can double the damage to bearings. Therefore, despite the general assumption, specially developed engine oils for stop-and-go traffic or start-stop systems are important.

Wear on important engine components

The automotive industry is aware of this and is therefore working together with lubricant manufacturers to provide reliable engine oils that permanently protect the longevity of engine components, even under increased stress from start-stop systems. Wear affects mostly camshaft bearings, balancer shaft bearings, main bearings and connecting rod/piston pin systems. Additionally, engine oils with an extremely low viscosity, used for fuel economy, can have a deteriorating effect.

Synthetic oil BIZOL Green Oil+

With the Green Oil+ series BIZOL offers special engine oils which counteract the increased wear in city traffic or via start-stop systems. Intensive and time-consuming test sequences have led to further developments which are necessary for this challenging operation. The Green Oil Plus series has a large number of special wear protection properties that go beyond the “minimal sufficient” specified by the engine manufacturer.

BIZOL COMB LubriBoost Technology

For example, the BIZOL COMB LubriBoost technology in Green Oil+ increases the lubricating film strength twice over. This prevents the lubricating film from collapsing when there is no relative movement between the mating surfaces, as is the case in stop-and-go traffic. To keep the engine in top condition beyond the warranty period, experts recommend the use of a special start-stop suitable engine oil.


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