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Car motor oils

Passenger car engine oils have been developed for all types of vehicles, in particular for the most modern engines with the latest exhaust gas cleaning systems. The combination of the latest additive technology and high-quality base oils creates the basis for reliable and long-lasting engine protection. Even under the most extreme operating conditions, BIZOL engine oils form an optimal lubricating mixture to protect engine parts from wear.

Allround 5W-30 A3/B4 1L

  • Low-viscosity oil especially for Asian and American vehicles

  • High SAPS

  • Low viscosity

  • Friction reduction

  • Fuel economy

Allround 5W-40 1L

  • Low-viscosity oil

  • Standard SAPS

  • Friction reduction

  • Fuel economy

Allround 10W-40 1L

  • Low oil consumption due to lower evaporation loss

  • Standard SAPS

  • High lubrication safety

  • Extended wear and corrosion protection

  • Improved engine cleanliness

Technology 5W-30 C3 1L

  • Lowered HTHS viscosity for maximum fuel economy

  • Mid SAPS oil

  • best cold start properties and fastest engine oiling

  • extended oil change interval

  • protects exhaust aftertreatment systems