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BIZOL is a specialist in the development and production of additives for fuel, oil and coolants. The interest in special additives is growing with the technical development of vehicles and the increasing technical awareness of drivers. BIZOL first seeks to understand the technological challenges and problems, and then develops and tests formulations to prevent or correct the problems.  
Additives are one way to extend the life of a vehicle, reduce repair costs and increase component reliability. Clean and well-maintained engines use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

GDI Power Clean 0.5L

  • Effectively removes deposits on the surface of the injector needle tip and throughout the combustion chamber   

  • restores the original performance of the engine  

  • ensures regular engine running and reduces fuel consumption  

  • reduces maintenance costs  

  • ensures environmentally friendly, low-pollution combustion  

  • reduces the risk of engine damage due to LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition).

Gasoline System Clean+ g80 250ml

  • cleans injectors efficiently  

  • removes carbon deposits from intake valves and combustion chamber 

  • increases the performance of engine

  • reduces fuel consumption and lowers emissions  

  • extends the life of the fuel system

Octane Power+ g81 250ml

  • increases the octane number up to 10 points (RON) 

  • improves engine performance 

  • prevents engine damage caused by knocking combustion 

Catalytic System Protect+ g82 250ml

  • extends the life of the catalytic converter 

  • reduces exhaust emissions

  • improves fuel combustion

Gasoline additive

Low-quality fuel has a bad effect on the functions of the engine and the exhaust system of the machine. When burning such fuel, a lot of soot is formed, which clogs filters, injectors, injection system, nodes fail. The car begins to work worse and the motor breaks down much earlier. You can avoid this by using additives in gasoline.

What are gasoline additives and what are they for?

Today, gasoline in its pure form does not meet the environmental requirements and needs of modern engines. Therefore, gasoline additives are used, which make the fuel:

  • Greener - by reducing the amount of harmful compounds in the exhausts.
  • Safer for the assembly - by reducing the amount of deposits on the parts.
  • More resistant to detonation - by increasing the octane rating, the level of which determines how fast the fuel detonates during compression.
  • More flammable - by increasing the amount of vapor that mixes with air. 

That is, a gasoline additive is an additive that improves the properties of the fuel and extends the life of the motor. 

Types of BIZOL gasoline additives

BIZOL has four types of gasoline additives, each of which is used in certain cases. Below we will take a closer look at them.

GDI Power Clean

Additive for gasoline engine with direct injection system of CGI, GDI, TBI, TFSI types. The product has increased dispersing properties due to polyetheramines in its composition. Its features:

  1. Removes deposits on parts and prevents the formation of new ones, thus increasing engine performance. 
  2. Reduces fuel consumption by reducing friction between parts.
  3. Increases component life and improves performance.
  4. Reduces the likelihood of low-speed pre-ignition, protecting the pistons from destruction.

Additive for gasoline engines can be added to the gas tank during maintenance or every 10000 km. A 500 ml bottle is enough for 70 liters of gasoline. The gasoline tank should be one third full or more.

Gasoline System Clean+ g80

Gasoline engine additive is compatible with all classes of fuel and can be used in all types of engines. The product perfectly cleans the parts of the assembly, including the catalytic converter, valve seats, injectors. Its benefits:

  1. Reduces damage from low-quality fuel.
  2. Improves the power output of the assembly.
  3. Protects parts from deposits that appear during fuel combustion.
  4. Improves ignition and combustion efficiency.
  5. Reduces harmful emissions and fuel consumption.

Add gasoline additive to the tank before refueling. For their effectiveness, at least 250 ml of additive is needed per 70 liters of fuel. For prevention, it is enough to fill once every three refills of the gas tank. If the fuel is of poor quality, it is desirable to use constantly.

Octane Power+ g81

We advise you to use gasoline additives if the fuel you use has an octane number lower than that requested by the car manufacturer. The product raises the number to the required standard and helps to increase engine power. Features of the additive:

  1. Reduces the chance of damage during fuel detonation.
  2. Slows down the wear and tear of mechanism parts.
  3. Increases the power of the motor.
  4. Gasoline additive should be poured in before refueling the tank. For 70 liters of fuel it is necessary not less than 250 ml of additive.

Catalytic System Protect+ g82

Gasoline fuel system additives protect the catalytic system and particulate filters. The product improves the properties of low-quality fuel and reduces the negative effects of its use on the mechanisms of the assembly. Benefits of the additive:

  1. Promotes better combustion of fuel, thereby reducing the amount of soot that clogs the filter.
  2. Extends the life of the exhaust treatment system.
  3. Reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

For 70 liters of fuel, 250 mg of additives are required in gasoline fuel. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to use once every three refills of the gas tank. With poor fuel quality, regular use is desirable.

Features and advantages of BIZOL additives for gasoline engines

BIZOL has developed additives for gasoline engine in cooperation with leading laboratories in Germany. Each product has unique properties and indications for use. They significantly improve the properties of low quality gasoline and minimize the damage of its use to the parts of the assembly.

The main advantages of BIZOL additives:

  1. Increase the resistance of fuel to spontaneous combustion in the cylinders during compression, thereby protecting the assembly from damage.
  2. Clean the engine of deposits, increasing its performance.
  3. Reduce the amount of harmful particles in the gases and fuel consumption, making the car more environmentally friendly.
  4. Increase the service life of the engine and particulate filters.

Before using additives in gasoline fuel, it is necessary to determine what you need them for. Products can be used to increase the octane rating, clean the fuel system, reduce harmful exhaust emissions, increase the wear resistance of parts, or others. Their use allows you to increase the life of the car and avoid unnecessary costly repairs. 

BIZOL fuel additives for gasoline are the highest quality additives developed with the support of German laboratories. They meet the strict requirements of SAE, ACEA and the demands of automobile manufacturers.