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BIZOL is a specialist in the development and production of additives for fuel, oil and coolants. The interest in special additives is growing with the technical development of vehicles and the increasing technical awareness of drivers. BIZOL first seeks to understand the technological challenges and problems, and then develops and tests formulations to prevent or correct the problems.  
Additives are one way to extend the life of a vehicle, reduce repair costs and increase component reliability. Clean and well-maintained engines use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

Diesel Power Boost 0.5L

  • restores engine performance

  • removes deposits from injectors

  • lowers exhaust emissions

  • ensures quieter, smoother-running engine

Diesel System Clean+ d60 1L

  • cleans injectors efficiently  

  • removes carbon deposits from intake valves and combustion chamber 

  • increases the performance of engine 

  • reduces fuel consumption and lowers emissions  

  • extends the life of the fuel system

DPF Regeneration+ d61 250ml

  • protects the diesel particulate filter (DPF) 

  • especially suitable for short trips and city traffic  

  • reduces pollutant emissions

  • ensures a cleaner and more efficient DPF

  • faster regeneration of particulate filter reduces fuel consumption 

Diesel fuel additive

Diesel engines are becoming more advanced every year, but despite this they retain a greater sensitivity to fuel than gasoline units. Fuel injection, vaporization, and combustion take place right in the cylinder and at a very high rate. This results in the formation of waste in the form of soot and carbon deposits. A diesel fuel additive prevents sludge from appearing in the systems.

Modern diesel engines are equipped with particulate filters and EGR valves that reduce the level of deposits. On the one hand, this makes the vehicle more environmentally friendly, but on the other hand EGR redirects part of the exhaust gases into the intake manifold, together with fuel and oil residues. As a result, residue in the form of carbon deposits builds up on the components. In addition, as the filter becomes dirty, scorching is activated. The process occurs at a medium speed of the unit, which makes it impossible to get rid of all the waste, and the filter continues to clog. To minimize the damage from the use of diesel fuel, use special additives in diesel fuel. 

What are diesel fuel additives and why are they needed?

Additives are additives in fuel that are used to improve the combustion processes of fuel, increase its octane or cetane number of fuel, for greater compression, or prevent corrosion and oxidation of oil.

Additives for diesel fuel engine needs even more than gasoline, as the quality of diesel fuel is often lower than desired, which affects the operation of the unit. Additives for diesel perform the following functions:

  • dissolve resins and other deposits on the walls and parts of the node;
  • remove old deposits from the systems;
  • clean particulate filters;
  • reduce harmful exhaust emissions;
  • improve engine performance.

Types of additives for diesel fuel BIZOL

Diesel Power Boost

Diesel Power Boost diesel additive is designed to restore the performance of the unit. Due to the formation of carbon deposits, injectors become dirty and the necessary amount of fuel is not supplied to the engine. The product cleans the parts from deposits and prevents the formation of new ones. Thereby improving the condition of the node. Features of the liquid:

  1. Reduces noise and improves smoothness of motor operation.
  2. Thoroughly cleans parts of the node from contaminants.
  3. Improves the quality of engine functioning.

Diesel additives can be used as a preventive measure or, if necessary, during technical inspection of systems. For use, the liquid can be poured directly into the fuel supply line, added additionally to the filter or poured into the fuel tank. 

Diesel System Clean+ d60

Diesel engine additive has excellent anti-corrosion and cleaning properties. The fluid reduces oil oxidation and prevents the formation of deposits on the walls of the unit. It increases the cetane number up to 6 points, thus improving the combustion of diesel fuel. It can be used in motors with common rail system and high pressure fuel pump. Product Benefits:

  1. Improves ignition efficiency and power output.
  2. Reduces fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions.
  3. Increases the wear resistance of parts of the assembly.

Additives for diesel engines in a volume of 250 ml is enough for 40 liters of fuel. Do not require any additional actions, except to add to the tank. If the quality of fuel is poor, it is better to use constantly. As a preventive measure, it can be added every third fuel refill.

DPF Regeneration+ d61

Diesel additive is suitable for all engines. The formula has increased cleaning properties, thus preventing premature clogging of particulate filters. The fluid improves the regeneration system of the cleaning systems and protects against the formation of deposits on the components of the assembly. Its features:

  1. Promotes independent regeneration of particulate filters.
  2. Prevents the appearance of soot deposits.
  3. Reduces the amount of harmful emissions.

A 250 ml bottle of diesel fuel additive is enough for 75 liters of fuel. It can be added independently, without the help of the service department. The liquid is mixed with diesel fuel, without additional manipulations on the part of the user.

Features and advantages of BIZOL additives for diesel engines

All BIZOL diesel additives are developed to high standards, using German engineering. They have been tested in laboratory and real conditions, confirming their qualities. Liquids for diesel fuel improve its quality, have increased cleaning properties, prevent the formation of deposits and increase the cetane number. 

When creating the formula of the diesel fuel additive, the modern realities of traveling within the city were also taken into account: short distances, traffic jams, speed limits. Under such conditions, particulate filters are not able to perform 100% of the regeneration function and deteriorate much faster. To clean them, the temperature in the exhaust system should be about 600 degrees. And in the city cars do not gain the necessary speed for this purpose. Additive in the diesel engine partially takes over the function of protecting filters, extends their service life and helps to reduce harmful exhausts.

In order to choose the right diesel fuel additives, determine what you need them for. Next, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the functions of each product and the manufacturer's recommendations. For example, you may need to clean the hub system or improve filter regeneration.

BIZOL diesel fuel additives are premium products. They will provide quality care for your engine systems.