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BIZOL is a specialist in the development and production of additives for fuel, oil and coolants. The interest in special additives is growing with the technical development of vehicles and the increasing technical awareness of drivers. BIZOL first seeks to understand the technological challenges and problems, and then develops and tests formulations to prevent or correct the problems.  
Additives are one way to extend the life of a vehicle, reduce repair costs and increase component reliability. Clean and well-maintained engines use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

Oil System Clean+ o90 250ml

  • long term cleaning of the oil system from sludge and deposits with special highly effective detergents

  • restores the initial engine compression 

  • strongly recommended always when the previous oil quality or type is not known 

  • silences the work of hydraulic valve lifters 

Oil Life+ o91 250ml

  • extends the oil life
  • increases the engine service interval
  • protects against wear
Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92 250ml

  • effectively seals small leaks in the oil system

  • restores elasticity of all engine seals and reduces oil consumption

  • prevents engine damage

Friction Modifier+ o94 250ml

  • reduces friction and wear 

  • significantly improves engine oil properties with nano-technology 

  • reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions

  • provides protection for up to 50,000 km

  • increases the life and efficiency of the turbo charger 

Oil additive

The task of engine lubricants is to coat moving parts with a protective layer, preventing them from rubbing against each other and thus extending their service life. As a result, component wear is reduced and friction is reduced, ensuring optimum performance of the assembly over a long period of time. 

The product consists of base fluids and 25% additives. The additives protect and care for the engine systems. And additional additives in the oil significantly enhance its properties.

What are oil additives and how do they work?

An engine oil additive is an additive to improve the performance of the engine system and extend its service life. It enhances certain qualities of the lubricating fluid, but does not give it new properties. 

A separate oil additive is added when you want to increase the performance of the motor, protect it from damage or solve a specific situation that arose during operation. The most common problems that additives help with are:

  • Increasing the power of older motors;
  • additional protection of parts from corrosion;
  • increasing the octane rating of poor quality fuels;
  • prevention of paraffin deposits;
  • additional protection of the engine from overheating;
  • increasing the viscosity of the lubricating fluid.

If oil additives are used incorrectly, the following problems can occur:

  • risk of breakage of the node, in case of untimely replacement;
  • unforeseen chemical reactions when using additives incompatible with lubricants or engine;
  • lack of effect or failure of the unit, when using low-quality additives from unknown manufacturers.

Types of additives for BIZOL oils

BIZOL has four types of engine oil additives, each of which helps to solve separate problems in the operation of the unit. Below we will consider them in detail.

Oil System Clean+ o90

Engine oil additive is designed to take care of the entire lubrication system of the car. The product has enhanced cleaning properties. It dissolves deposits, varnish, soot on engine surfaces, including hydrocompensators. The deposits are retained in the lubricating fluid and are removed when it is drained, without harming seals and gaskets. The system is then ready for fluid replacement, which will be able to operate with maximum efficiency in the cleaned mechanism. Also its cleaning with Oil System Clean+ o90 restores the elasticity of the sealing rings and increases compression.

Advantages of the engine oil additive:

  1. Maintains cleaning properties for a long time, cleans mechanisms well from sludge and deposits.
  2. Helps to maintain compression at the required level.
  3. Prevents clogging of the cleaning system by reducing the amount of exhaust gases.

Oil Life+ o91

The unique formula of the engine oil additive helps to extend the life of the fluid. The product increases the alkaline number by up to 15%, preventing corrosive processes and the formation of harmful acids. It helps to extend the life of the lubricant, improves its protective properties against friction and wear of node parts.

Features of the engine oil additive:

  1. Increases the interval between lubricating fluid replacements.
  2. Increases the protective properties of engine lubricant.
  3. Slows down its aging.

Leak and Smoke Stop+ o92

Oil additive seals micro-cracks in the gaskets of the assembly, which occur in the process of their aging. As the gaskets wear, fluid may enter the combustion chamber, resulting in toxic blue smoke. It causes damage to the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filters. Conditioners in the composition of the additive return elasticity to old gaskets and prevent aging of new ones.

Benefits of this oil additive:

  1. Safely seal leaks in the lubrication system.
  2. Protect the cleaning system from premature failure.
  3. Maintain the elasticity of gaskets.

Friction Modifier+ o94

Engine oil additive based on the latest nanotechnology to reduce friction and wear of engine parts. The product provides long-term protection and helps to optimize the performance of the unit. 

The wall surfaces inside the motor are rough, even though they look polished. This causes additional stress when parts rub against each other, which leads to premature wear and additional fuel consumption. Engine oil additives create a smooth layer on the rubbing surfaces thanks to chemically active nanostructures. The protective coating does not clog filters and oil channels. The product meets all European requirements, which is confirmed by TUV certification. This is a German certificate with international recognition.

Features of the additive:

  1. Creates a reliable protective layer, preventing excessive friction of parts.
  2. Improves engine performance at idle.
  3. Increases the speed of pumping lubricating fluid at cold start.

Features and advantages of BIZOL oil additives

BIZOL engages German laboratories to develop oil additives. Samples are taken from each batch of the product for thorough analysis. They are kept in the laboratory for testing throughout the year. This approach to production minimizes the chance of releasing defective products to the market.

Features of engine oil additives:

  • use of nanotechnology;
  • enhanced dispersing properties;
  • ensuring a reliable lubricating layer;
  • protection of particulate filters and cleaning system;
  • significant extension of the service life of the lubricating fluid;
  • reduction of harmful vapors;
  • extending maintenance intervals.

Additives for engine oil can significantly improve its properties and the condition of the systems of the unit. But it should be remembered that, as with medicine, it is necessary to observe the dosage. Otherwise, the lubricant may lose its qualities, which will lead to engine damage.

BIZOL additives are premium products created using German engineering expertise. High standards are observed in production and the latest technologies are used.