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BIZOL is a specialist in the development and production of additives for fuel, oil and coolants. The interest in special additives is growing with the technical development of vehicles and the increasing technical awareness of drivers. BIZOL first seeks to understand the technological challenges and problems, and then develops and tests formulations to prevent or correct the problems.  
Additives are one way to extend the life of a vehicle, reduce repair costs and increase component reliability. Clean and well-maintained engines use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

Radiator Clean+ r70 250ml

  • dissolves lime and dirt deposits

  • compatible with all sealing materials

  • cleans and protects the cooling system

Radiator Repair+ r71 250ml

  • effectively seals small leaks in the cooling system

  • prevents engine overheating

  • optimizes cooling system performance

Cooling system additives

Even the best quality antifreeze and distilled water contain compounds that, under the influence of high temperatures, settle on the walls of the mechanism. To eliminate the shortcomings of the liquid use an additive in antifreeze.  

Additives are necessary because the slightest layer of deposits on the walls can reduce the capacity of the tubes, block the work of the thermostat valves and adjustment mechanisms. This is due to the peculiarities of the radiator structure. 

The radiator has a branched structure, which consists of thin aluminum or copper tubes and many polymer adapters, joints and seals. And since your car's cooling system is responsible for removing excess heat from the engine, malfunctions can cause it to overheat or cause other serious breakdowns.

Another problem a radiator can face is temperature differences. It causes hairline cracks to form on the surfaces, through which coolant leaks out. To seal the cracks, the appropriate antifreeze additive is also used.

What are antifreeze additives and how do they work?

Antifreeze additives are additives that enhance the properties of antifreeze and protect the radiator from the products of its decomposition. They significantly improve the performance of the coolant and increase the life of the fluid and mechanisms. 
Radiator additive performs the following functions:

  • cleaning the radiator from scale and other contaminants, trapping them in the antifreeze until it is replaced, and preventing new formations;
  • flushing the system when replacing the coolant;
  • sealing microcracks and minor damage to radiator surfaces.

Types of BIZOL antifreeze additives

BIZOL has two types of radiator additives, each of which helps to solve separate problems in the operation of the cooling system. Let's take a closer look at them below.

Radiator Clean+ r70

Antifreeze additives are designed to clean the entire cooling system. Suitable for trucks, cars and buses. Deposits that form in cooling and heating systems can cause engine failure. 

The formula contains cleaning components that flush out the cooling circuits. At the same time, these substances do not harm the seals and radiator. The product should be applied before changing the antifreeze to wash away impurities in the form of lime and oil. Advantages of the coolant additive:

  1. Prevents contamination of the cooling system.
  2. Dissolves deposits accumulated in the radiator.
  3. Suitable for all types of seals.

To clean the radiator properly, pour 250 ml of the additive into 9 liters of antifreeze. After that, start the engine and leave it idling for 10-30 minutes at operating temperature. Drain the composition from the radiator and clean it with water. Next, according to your car manufacturer's recommendations, fill the system.

Radiator Repair+ r71

Radiator additive is designed to repair small cracks and leaks in gaskets and the cooling system. The product is suitable for any coolant, whether the radiator has a water filter or not. It can also be used in plastic and aluminum coolers. 

When damaged, cooling and heating systems cease to function at the required level. Such irregularities can cause serious engine failures. The polymers in the radiator additive reliably repair the damage. The mechanism begins to work in full measure. These components do not clog radiator or cooling channels. Benefits of the additive:

  1. Reliably seals microcracks.
  2. Protects the engine from overheating.
  3. Ensures optimum performance of the cooling system.

250 ml of product is required for 12.5 liters of coolant. The radiator must be in a cooled state. Shake the bottle before applying the antifreeze additive. After use, start the engine and turn on the heating. Leave the engine idling for about 10 minutes.

Features and advantages of additives for radiators BIZOL

BIZOL antifreeze additives are developed according to high German standards, using the experience of German laboratories. The latest product formulas meet the needs of modern cars.

Features of radiator additives:

  1. Do not clog the system with sludge.
  2. Do not cause negative consequences for the engine.
  3. Effectively remove lime deposits and dirt.
  4. Suitable for all kinds of sealing materials.
  5. Prevent new formations on the walls of the cooling system.
  6. Excellent bonding of leaks in the tube walls.
  7. Prevent overheating of the engine.

Before purchasing radiator additives, pay attention to which metals they are suitable for. Most products are universal, but there are some that are not suitable for non-ferrous metals. A flushing additive can be used as a preventative and for serious cleaning. When using a sealant, remember that it is not a replacement for a repair, but a temporary solution until you call for service. If the leak occurred in the cylinder head gasket or a crack appeared in the cylinder block, it is urgent to make repairs. 

BIZOL antifreeze additives are a premium product developed in compliance with German quality standards. The company has received the IAIR award for high production requirements, innovative development and leadership.