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Automatic Transmission Fluids

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF's) are special oils for automatic transmissions that are used to lubricate the gears and to control the hydraulic components when changing gears. The majority of vehicle and gearbox manufacturers prescribe additional tests to prove their suitability and only issue specific approvals once these tests are satisfied. Only these qualified oils are offered by BIZOL. They meet and even exceed the high requirements of the approvals. Optimal properties for safe and wear-free operation of automatic transmissions.


Protect ATF D-VI synt 1L

  • excellent safety against wear, corrosion and foaming

  • provides superior transmission life

  • suitable for DEXRON VI requirements

Protect ATF LV synt 1L

  • suitable for mechanically and electronically controlled automatic transmissions

  • outstanding performance at both high and low temperature extremes

  • improved power transmission efficiency and smooth transmission operation